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幸运飞艇计划软件 计划软件 江苏快三计划软件 计划软件 免费计划软件

The Sims 4 Videos

Guides and Gameplay Tips

on july 2, 2018 i officially launched my youtube channel for sims 4 video guides. i'd had the idea to make videos for the sims for years, but i'm very attached to text guides myself and will always prefer them as a medium. they are a faster way to get information and some info is best in a list format. however, i realized that i was limiting my ability to share strategies with players so began a new chapter in my journey with the sims franchise by creating a video guide to career performance.

三分快三计划软件my skill has grown as i've now released dozens of videos for sims, and i'm still working on it. video is very new to me, and quality can improve as i gain experience making them. i'd only done a few bits for terraria on another channel so had limited editing experience, and no experience with voice work. thanks to feedback from readers and my patrons, i've improved things already with regards to audio quality and the pacing of videos. for this reason i'm going to list videos newest to oldest. this will also make this section of the guide a compliment to my channel. you can check back here for new content or else subscribe on youtube velow. if you'd like to be notified of new content, click the bell icon after clicking the link in the video title. this allows youtube to email you about new videos. you can also be notified via our twitter or facebook if you'd prefer that route.

bear in mind that i have 190 pages on the sims 4 to tend to, new content being released by ea from time to time, and videos take substantially longer to make (for me). for this reason it'll be slow going at first. as i learn, i'll be able to pick up the pace a bit but will try to prefer quality over quantity.

Video List

this is a list of all published videos, with the newest first. reason being, you'll find the latest content for the game up top and it's also my better work. please leave any feedback you have below or on the channel, and if you like what i'm doing consider subscribing!

a buyer's guide to game packs for the sims 4. inclues all major features, and some side attractions you might like to know about. should help players remember things they have that they don't use, and greatly improve odds you're happy with a pack when you've bought it. that's the goal, anyway...

a guide to making super sims from childhood to adult. this covers all the major boosts you'll want to pursue in order to maximize your skill and career gains, no matter what expansion and game packs you own.

三分快三计划软件an overview of the changes in the sims 4 tiny living stuff and what you can expect from its big rewards for building a little house.

三分快三计划软件details an exploitative way to make money in the sims 4, with tips and tricks throughout the video.

i compiled a huge list of tips in this video, from from little things you can do to make your gameplay better or great boosts you may be missing out on.

三分快三计划软件a guide to putting together various strategies in order to make a super student in the sims 4 discover university expansion pack..

a guide to putting together various strategies in order to make a super student in the sims 4 discover university expansion pack..

a guide to gameplay in the sims 4 discover university. focuses on robotics, the secret society and other university organizations, new objects, new careers and everything not related to attending class itself.

三分快三计划软件a guide to the sims 4 discover university and getting the most of its gameplay. features 21 tips, and my thoughts on the pack overall based on my experience playing it.

三分快三计划软件the sims 4 vampires is one of the strongest packs, but you have to want vampires in your game in order to enjoy it. because of halloween, i decided to examine this pack through pure gameplay in my condensed let's play style. they are the single most important aspect, and everything else is created to support them and enable the player to build a realistic vampire home in gothic style.

a news video covering the announcement of the sims 4 discover university expansion and its core gameplay features.

a guide to the grilled cheese aspiration in the sims 4, including its reward trait: melt master and what it does.

三分快三计划软件the sims 4 realm of magic features cheats to increase your spellcaster rank. this gives an explanation of them, and a fix for the broken magical bloodlines feature.

三分快三计划软件a gameplay-focused review of the sims 4 and where it could improve if maxis chose to overhaul shallow systems in the game.

a gameplay-focused review of the sims 4 realm of magic. includes extensive discussion on spellcrafter abilities, and how they change gameplay.

ten tips for the sims 4 realm of magic that also serve to highlight some of its weaker points. the pack has a good bit going for it, but the difficulty curve is far far too shallow and it's possible to finish spellcaster extremely quickly.

a summary of the maxis realm of magic deep dive, held just before the release of the sims 4's latest game pack. includes extensive info on spellcasters, curses, familiars, learning magic, alchemy... and on and on.

a video guide to taking advantage of new stair customization features that were brought into the sims 4 via the september 2019 update.

A guide to upcoming features in The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Game Pack. A text guide is also available.

三分快三计划软件an overview of twistedmexi's utility and building mods, which introduce new functions to the game and improve features. you'll also find some that save you time, like enabling testingcheats automatically.

a review of the sims 4 moschino stuff pack. features the improvments to photography, the fashion photographer career, and build/buy assets.

a list of gameplay and photography features in the sims 4 moschino stuff pack. includes new lights, camera functions, and photography options.

三分快三计划软件news on the health of the player base. we also have a new patch for the sims 4's photography skill that allows players to make adjustments and stand photos on tables.

a new stuff pack based on the work of italian fashion company moschino's work is coming august 13 for pc, early september for xbox and ps4.

三分快三计划软件using the sims 4's graphics options, from vsync and resolution to edge smoothing, object, sim and lighting quality.

三分快三计划软件a guide to efficient killing of sims in the sims 4, using the comedy skill and vampires.

三分快三计划软件a let's play where i get the sulani mana hidden trait for my sim's kid. learn about the trait, how to get it, and enjoy some chill time with me.

三分快三计划软件a guide to using the sims 4's building cheats, which includes controls that are easy to miss that let you resize objects and fine tune placement. features the new live mode edit objects that were patched into the game in july 2019.

a walkthrough of completing the beach life aspiration in the sims 4 island living. a long-form video with all the details, which i made for fun to experiment with new types of videos.

cas story mode is now available for the sims 4. this new method of creating a sim is designed to give you a sim based upon answers you choose. however, not all is as it seems as the system has some extra depth to it that makes it hard to nail down.

we also go over the new building cheats, which unlocked hundreds of items for builders to get creative with.

the sims 3 featured a great skill challenges system, giving a player goals other than maxing the skill. this system featured tons of rewards and kept players active, chasing bonuses that permanently enhanced a part of their sim. sims 4 needs depth, according to many players so i theorize this type of thing could be very helpful to the sims 4's gameplay.

a summary of the july 2019 maxis monthly livestream. includes information on refreshing of game art, new create-a-sim story mode, and availability of developer build mode objects.

三分快三计划软件a guide to getting and using snaggle fluster in the sims 4. this mixology recipe is one of the rarest abilities in the game, because getting it is an extremely specific process and mixology is not a super commonly-used ability.

三分快三计划软件a video covering the fishing changes in the patch that came with island living. its impact on the skill is noticeable, and rare collectibles are easier to find. money making is a bit more even, however reduced.

三分快三计划软件a review of the sims 4 island living expansion pack with a gameplay focus. presented by ea game changers.

三分快三计划软件learn about the conservationist career and cleaning up sulani's ecosystem. the island can be improved twice, for mostly visual effects but the new career is hands-on and offers various ways to make money.

a guide to becoming a mermaid in the sims 4 island living expansion. includes a summary of all their powers so you can take advantage of what mermaids have to offer as an occult.

a list of features in island living that every player should know about in order to get the most out of their purchase.

三分快三计划软件a summary of the trailer and q&a session held by the devs at ea play 2019, where they announced the sims 4 island living expansion among other things (hint: there's more).

三分快三计划软件a history of improvements made to the sims 4 via patches from launch to may 2019. gives you a rundown of every new feature in the order they came..

三分快三计划软件woodworking is a side attraction of the handiness skill in the sims 4. it is still one of the most profitable abilities in the game, allowing you to live off the earnings and upgrade everything in your house.

a comprehensive but to the point guide to playing the sims 4. helps new players understand all the main gameplay concepts and how to take advantage of them. includes loads of advice for beginners and average players.

reviews an early copy of sacrificial's armageddon mod for the sims 4.

teaches you how alien abductions work, male pregnancy, and the different types of alien babies.

a detailed guide to the charisma skill in the sims 4. includes its features, functions, and how to take advantage of it in your gameplay

三分快三计划软件a condensed let's play of my sims 4 project to sneak into celebrity homes to take from their money vaults. things did not go as planned, at all.

三分快三计划软件a guide to the new freelancer career in the sims 4. this new gig-based career allows you to work from home at your own pace.

三分快三计划软件a tutorial teaching players how to install custom content and mods for the sims 4 via a pair of examples, also seeks to define the different meanings between the two.

in this video, we look at some trivia about how the movies and video gaming activities in the sims 4 function. there's some depth to the mechanics here, which may come as a surprise to some players.

三分快三计划软件a summary of the maxis monthly april livestream, where they announced that on april 16, 2019 we will receive a new freelancer career along with some extra clothing and objects in a free patch.

三分快三计划软件a guide to the fishing skill, with bait mechanics and how to complete the fish collection.

a summary of what it's like to live outdoors in the sims 4 with all packs installed. includes advice for meeting needs while living without a structure and trying to keep things as realistic as possible.

三分快三计划软件a guide to spring in seasons. includes information on the sims 4's version of easter with the flower bunny and love day (valentine's day). covers springtime activities and the making of custom holidays.

learn to play a stylist in the sims 4. includes information on completing daily tasks, skills involved in the career, and how to start fashion trends.

三分快三计划软件learn about the sims 4's military career, new in the strangerville game pack. includes information on both the officer and covert operator branches and where the jobs rank in pay overall.

learn about the sims 4's calorie system, which causes sims to gain weight over time if they do not exercise. includes information on fitness, the fit and fat hidden stats, and a list of foods that are best to eat to avoid weight gain.

三分快三计划软件a guide to the second and third (final) act of the strangerville mystery aspiration. includes information on rewards you receive for completing the aspiration and using the source of the infection to your benefit.

三分快三计划软件a guide to the first act of the sims 4: strangerville game pack's storyline. take the strangerville mystery aspiration to get the full benefits.

三分快三计划软件the sims 4's latest patch features objects, food, and clothing based around the chinese lunar new year.

Because of changes in a recent patch, Energized has moved to the top spot for working Sims. Check this or the Energized Guide to learn why.

A guide to the Get Famous Expansion's Celestial Crystal Crown, which can be used to Remove Quirks or boost Fame gains..

A guide to the Get Famous Expansion's Media Production Skill. Features information on music, video editing, and drones.

A guide to fame gains in the Get Famous Expansion. Includes good perks for helping your Sim to gain fame faster with fame perks.

My first impressions of the Get Famous Expansion. Includes tips and ideas throughout, which will help you with the acting career, acting skill, and making your Sim a celebrity.

A guide to using the new First Person Camera in The Sims 4. Includes info to help you get through doors, cancel interactions while in this mode, and increase the field of view to combat motion sickness. If you'd prefer a text guide, you can find a guide to first person here.

this livestream recap goes over the sims 4 get famous' upcoming fame system, allowing your sims to become celebrities.

a summary of the sims 4 get famous livestream, detailing the actor career and new acting skill..

三分快三计划软件coming this year, the sims 4 will get new terrain tools - free for all players. this video summarizes the 1 hour livestream down to 7 minutes, saving you time while still giving you the major bits.

the sims 4 get famous expansion releases november 16, 2018. it features new gameplay mechanics with a celebrity system, actor active career, a new world (del sol valley), and uses for social media in the game. sims will also be able to flaunt their wealth and power, with low fame sims struggling to get into exclusive night clubs and other venues.

a full guide to the sims 4 jungle adventure's archaeology skill and all its abilities - from dig sites to excavations and surveys, you can find ancient omiscan treasures and verify the authenticity of artifacts. also introduces the relics system - tops and bases, which produce strong magical effects that benefit your sims.

三分快三计划软件help with the jungle adventure game pack and its many minor features, focused on an archaeologist..

highlights from the sims 4's maxis monthly livestream where new terrain tools and other gameplay features were announced.

三分快三计划软件a walkthrough of the nerd brain and computer whiz aspirations in the sims 4. includes details on the handy and webmaster reward traits, which allow instant upgrade of objects, turking for money, and a research binge..

a review of gameplay features included in the spa day game pack. includes heavy information on the wellness skill and its many abilities.

learning how whims are chosen for your sim can help you to keep the list clean and focused on what you really want to do. this can help you to earn more satisfaction while working on aspirations.

a guide to raising the dead in the sims 4. includes info on grafting for death flowers, catching angelfish, and the potion of youth.

a guide to raising a child to be the best sim possible. fast career progress, extremely quick skill gains, and increased satisfaction. some portions require features from get together and seasons.

a guide to careers in the sims 4. includes information on boosting job performance and the highest paying careers in the game.

三分快三计划软件learn how to have a baby, how to handle twins and triplets, and how to influence the gender of your offspring after your sims try for baby.

a guide to decorating friezes, spandrels, and other parts of the house in the sims 4 seasons expansion pack.

this guide covers everything you need to know about the gameplay in cool kitchen, focusing primarily on the ice cream maker and how it can benefit your sims.

三分快三计划软件this guide covers gardening from the perspective of a new player. veterans may find it boring, though this is from a post-seasons gardening overhaul perspective. this means we do talk about grafting and changes to the way you acquire plants via buy mode.

a guide writing, maximizing profit and the book of life you get for the bestselling author reward trait

a guide to the new features introduced to the sims 4 gallery by a recent content patch. features info on social functions, moving, and merging households.

三分快三计划软件a guide to trying for a baby with father winter in the sims 4 seasons. includes romance advice and reward trait specifics.

a self-explanatory overview of cheats in the sims 4, which includes the most common types.

A guide to the +Happy Decorated Moodlets三分快三计划软件 in The Sims 4. Includes the break points where you get to +2 happy and the wonderful +3 Beautifully Decorated moodlet.

A guide to the Weather Machine in The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack. Includes information on improving success rates and certain hazards to using the object.

This video details why I chose to make a simple mod that tweaks the spawn rates for rare produce on spliced plants. At the moment the rate is extremely low, and some players may go a very long time without a spawn. You can get the mod on my Mods page.

plants and fish can be used as fertilizers, but this isn't well explained in the game. in this guide, we go over the various types of fertilizer and where they stand in terms of strength. this will help you to get your garden to perfect quality without so much effort.

三分快三计划软件this video guide covers a lot of new and old mechanics. you'll learn how to make masterpiece floral arrangements, plan ahead for the opening of a retail business that sells flowers, and finally be taught some tips that help you to make sales.

三分快三计划软件here is a video walkthrough for finding forgotten grotto and sylvan glade. some players may be unaware of these, and it's a good lead in to doing the deep woods. that one is much harder to find with only an image reference.

scouting is an activity for children and teens which acts a bit like a career, although it's unpaid. this 'job' offers life-long benefits in the form of the scouting aptitude reward trait, which boosts all skill gains by 20%.

my highest quality video to date. explains the use of bee boxes in the sims 4 seasons and how players can make good use of them. bee boxes can be used to acquire certain collectibles like fossils and mysims figures. honey acquired through beekeeping is a valuable substance that provides heat and cold protective properties to sims.

my 2nd attempt at a video guide was for gardening, and it was a whopper. i eventually replaced it due to audio issues. i have better equipment and more experience recording at this point.

this video will be redone in the future. as the first video i created, its quality can already be improved. it does explain to new players how the careers system works in the sims 4, but some viewers will find volume too low. best viewed from a pc for this reason.

the list of videos i can make for the sims 4 is almost overwhelmingly long. i have more ideas than i have time for, but if players request a topic below i may move faster to cover that topic. if you need info about a certain topic now, we may already have a text guide about that topic. if it needs updating, let us know on the relevant page.


幸运飞艇计划软件 计划软件 江苏快三计划软件 计划软件 免费计划软件

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Game Packs Guide

三分快三计划软件 A buyer's guide to Game Packs for The Sims 4. Inclues all major features, and some side attractions you might like to know about. Should help players remember things they have that they don't use, and greatly improve odds you're happy with a pack when you've bought it. That's the goal, anyway...

Super Sim Checklist + Other News

Super Sim Text + Checklist and Video Guide! Here is my Super Sim Challenge Guide and Checklist to accompany my video guide to making .

This is inspired by a new series in which I start at toddler and gradually take on the major bonuses. 三分快三计划软件Here's a link to the full playlist!

I now have a guide page to Tiny Living Stuff三分快三计划软件 where you can learn about Murphy Beds, the new death, as well as the lot bonuses you'll receive if you manage to keep the size of your lot down with this new pack's Tiny Home Lot Type.

Let's Play Playlist

New三分快三计划软件 I now have a guide to . Look for a text version within the next 72h. It won't have THAT much more info but it will help out as a checklist.

this was inspired by a series, "let's play a super sim" in which i start at toddler and gradually take on the major bonuses. here's a link to each part for people who are interested. you can also see the .


Discover University Expansion

The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack

The Sims 4 Discover University has been announced for November 15 for PC/Mac and December 17 for Xbox and Playstation 4 consoles. Click to learn more about the pack, see my summary of the livestream or read our FAQs below.

Other Guides to Discover University:
New Lot Traits: Study Spot and University Student Hang Out
New: Discover University FAQ: Gameplay Features

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三分快三计划软件more videos coming soon!

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We now have a Videos page三分快三计划软件, where I'll list every submission to our . I'm taking feedback seriously, improving recording and sound quality and other issues with my video guides. Let me know what you think and subscribe for more like it. If you comment on the videos page with a request I may bump it higher on my to do list (no promises though!). Here is a listing of all videos released to date, in order of release:

幸运飞艇计划软件 计划软件 江苏快三计划软件 计划软件 免费计划软件